“Investing in our children’s education and ensuring an affordable college education is available are the most important investments we can make in our future.” – Joyce Beatty

Educating Our Children

Joyce Beatty has worked throughout her career as an elected official and education administer to ensure that resources to educate children in the 3rd Congressional District and throughout the state. In the Ohio House of Representatives, Joyce advocated for increases in higher funding of education in the state and worked with Ohio’s previous Governor to pass education reforms that placed ranked Ohio in the Top 5 in public school rankings.

The federal government has a relatively limited role in K-12 education; however, Joyce Beatty will advocate for the federal government to continue to ensure that it provides resources to help put quality teachers stay in the classroom, tackles classroom size, and provides a quality education for all students.

Joyce Beatty has been a strong advocate for Head Start throughout her career and will continue to advocate for the program that prepares low income students for success when entering kindergarten.

When President Obama announced The Race to the Top Fund, a competitive federal grant program that rewards states for raising student achievement, Joyce Beatty wasted no time in advocating for funding from her role at The Ohio State University and because of her efforts Ohio received $400 million in Race to the Top Funds.

Affordable College Education and Job Training

Joyce Beatty worked to put herself through college and understands that because she had access to an affordable college education it allowed her to be successful later in life. In Congress, Joyce will continue to be a strong ally for student loan, grant, and work study programs.

During her time serving as the Ohio House Democratic Leader, Joyce Beatty worked to increase funding for higher education and helped pass legislation that froze college tuition cost in Ohio. After leaving the state legislature, Joyce Beatty became the Senior Vice President of Outreach and Engagement at The Ohio State University. She worked daily with students who were able to be at the university because of federal aid programs.

In Congress, Joyce Beatty will be a strong voice against anyone who attempts to cut funding to programs such as Pell Grants. The Ryan Budget, passed by the current U.S. House of Representatives on partisan lines, will double interest rates and cut billions of dollars of funding for Pell grants. Joyce Beaty is against these cuts and believes it is time for Congress to work together to keep student interest rates low and fund Federal education aid programs that will help prepare students for our workforce and spur our economy forward.

Joyce Beatty will actively seek opportunities to bring public-private partnerships to central Ohio that work cooperatively with our community colleges and training centers to prepare students and participants for jobs that will be available immediately. These programs have been taking place in other parts of the country and with the amount of resources available in central Ohio and its strong workforce these partnerships should be a natural fit.

Affordable college education and job training is the recipe for success for the future.

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When Joyce Beatty is asked what is the most important issue facing the new 3rd Congressional District, Joyce Beatty responds, “jobs…Jobs…JOBS.”

Our Economy

Joyce Beatty understands that having a good paying job is the first step in having a good life and being able to provide for themselves and others. Joyce has stated throughout her campaign for Congress that her top priority is fostering an environment conducive to creating jobs.

To kick-off the General Election campaign, Joyce Beatty has been embarking on her face-to-face jobs tour that has allowed her to listen to and speak to over a thousand workers, nearly hundred employers, members and leaders of labor unions, and workforce trainers and developers.

The economy is improving; however, Joyce Beatty understands that it still isn’t where it needs to be for everyone in the 3rd District. Joyce will advocate for tax incentives for companies that hire, support funding for small business and entrepreneurs, and champion additional aid programs that will put central Ohioans back to work.

Read more about her in the Beatty Face-to-Face Jobs Tour under the NEW VOICE Blog or click here now.


The government can help be a catalyst for innovation that may bring jobs in the future. By providing start-up loans to entrepreneurs and funding for equipment and technology the next operating system, life saving medical device, or internet applications could be developed right here in central Ohio.

While serving in the Ohio House of Representatives, Joyce Beatty became the first female Democratic Leader of the Ohio House in state history. It was during this time that STEM education funding was being debated in the state legislature. Due to the dynamics at that point in the House, Joyce Beatty stood up for STEM education funding supplying the final vote from her political party to allow STEM education and funding to come to Ohio.

Joyce Beatty will be that NEW VOICE in Congress that will stand up to either party on behalf of her constituents. Joyce Beatty will continue to promote access to funding for education initiatives and entrepreneurs in order to prepare central Ohio for good paying jobs of the future.

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“I will stand up to anyone who attempts to cut funding to Medicare and Social Security...”

   – Joyce Beatty


Joyce Beatty has been a long advocate on health care issues. As a stroke survivor herself and now a member of the National American Heart Association board, she understands that access to affordable health care is essential. Joyce Beatty stated throughout her campaign that she will stand up to anyone who attempts to slash Medicare or gut the Affordable Care Act.

Everyone, including Joyce Beatty, agrees that we must cut spending and tighten our belts; however, she would like to see a thorough review of discretionary spending before Congress makes cuts to Medicare.

Medicare allows our older Americans to grow old without the fear that they will not have heath care. This is a system that should be looked as a triumph and be championed.

Social Security

Joyce Beatty will continue to advocate for full funding of Social Security. She believes that Social Security is an American success story and safe guard’s Americans’ economic security and allows for independence of older Americans and the disabled.

Recently on a trip to Washington, Joyce Beatty met with the Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. She discussed ways to make improvements to the systems and how we can continue to fund it well into the future.

Joyce Beatty understands that some of the issues facing Social Security will be long-term challenges and should not be met with short term crisis management. Raising the age limit on Social Security is not the answer. It is time to put partisan politics of Washington aside and work together to address these challenges allowing the government to keep its commitment to our older Americans and people with disabilities.

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